Miss Noelle Newton, M.Ed.

School Counselor

610-359-4200, ext: 7265




Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to all students to discuss academic, personal, and social issues.  School counseling is not therapy but rather brief, short term support for a student during a stressful situation that may be affecting their academic achievement and focus in school.

If you feel your child is in need of individual counseling,
please contact Miss Newton.

**If needed a list of local counseling agencies are available upon request.

Small Group Counseling

Miss Newton offers small group counseling to students.  Small groups give students the opportunity to learn and talk with each other in a safe and fun environment.  Groups meet together during the day for about 30 minutes one day a week. A special benefit of small groups is understanding that each student is not alone in having unique needs. Participating in any group can enhance a child’s growth in peer relationships. Parents must give permission before students can participate in a small guidance group.

Possible group topics include:

  • Divorce/Changing Families
  • Anger Management
  • The Friendship Club (making and keeping friends)
  • Social Skills
  • Self-esteem and Confidence
  • New Student Groups
  • Gearing up for Middle School

If you believe your child would benefit from joining a small group, please contact Miss Newton.

Growing Through Guidance

Classroom based guidance lessons occur once or twice a month in each classroom.

Possible guidance lessons topics:

  • Feelings
  • Friendships/Social Skills
  • Diversity
  • Honesty
  • Personal Space
  • Self-Control
  • Personal Safety
  • Character Education
  • Study/Organization Skills
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Career Education
  • BABES program is delivered to 2nd grade students. It is a well-researched, proactive and preventative program to teach students about drugs, alcohol, addiction, self-esteem, peer pressure and protecting your body all while staying safe and making positive choices. It is a 7-week program, delivered as a puppet show, followed by whole group discussion with Ms. Newton and 2nd grade teachers.

Pajama Drive

About The Pajama Program

The Pajama Program (, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides comfort and love in the way of new pajamas and new books to children in need, many who are waiting and hoping to be adopted.  “Danger Season” is the coldest time of year for the children we serve.  Thousands of the children live in group homes and shelters and are shuffled often between temporary living facilities.  Many of them have been abused or abandoned, and have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a mother or father tuck them in at bedtime and read to them.  By providing pajamas and books, we help to create a warm and nurturing bedtime environment for vulnerable youngsters living under difficult circumstances.

We are currently running our 13th Annual Pajama and Book Drive in Partnership with the National Pajama Program

2008- 342 books, 273 pajamas

2009- 303 books, 335 pajamas

2010- 351 books, 333 pajamas

2011- 385 books, 309 pajamas

2012- 440 books, 320 pajamas

2013- 300 books, 370 pajamas

2014- 415 books, 420 pajama

2015- 463 books, 441 pajamas 

2016- 430 Books, 450 pajamas 

2017- 1,000 books, 1,050 pajamas 

2018- 1100 books, 1120 pajamas 

2019- 1500 books, 1771 pajamas

2020 - 550 books, 856 pajamas

2021 - 450 books, 1028 pajamas

2022 - 1,000 books, 1426 pajamas 

Children's Literature

Social Skills:

  • The Worst Day of My Life Ever- Written by Julia Cooks
  • I Just Don’t Like the Sound of NO- Written by Julia Cooks
  • A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue- Written by Julia Cooks
  • Personal Space Camp- Written by Julia Cooks
  • My Mouth is a Volcano- Written by Julia Cooks
  • Hands Are Not For Hitting- Written by Martine Agassi
  • Don’t Squeal Unless it’s a Big Deal- Written by Jeanie Franz Ransom
  • Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen- Written by Howard Binkow
  • Social Skills Collection- Written by Cheri J. Meiners
  • The Worst Day of My Life Ever Written By Julia Cooks


  • My Secret Bully- Written by Trudy Ludwig
  • Trouble Talk- Written by Trudy Ludwig
  • Just Kidding- Written by Trudy Ludwig
  • The Brand New Kid- Written by Katie Couric
  • The Recess Queen- Written by Alexis O’Neill
  • Say Something- Written by Peggy Moss
  • Chester Raccoon & the Big Bad Bully- Audrey Penn


  • Today I Feel Silly- Written by Curtis Cornell
  • The Way I Feel- Janan Cain
  • What Are You So Grumpy About- Written by Tom Lichtenheld
  • The Hurt- Written by Teddi Doleski
  • Emily Tiger- Written by Miriam Latimer
  • Let’s Talk About Feeling (feeling word here).  Collection. Written by Joy Berry

Character Education:

  • Mr. Peabody’s Apples- Written by Madonna
  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today? -Written by Carol McCloud
  • Ruthie and the Not So Teeny Tiny Lie- Written by Laura Rankin


  • Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon- Written by Patty Lovell
  • I’m Gonna Like Me- Written by Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Hooray For You, A Celebration of “You-ness”- Written by Marianne Richmond
  • Perfectly You- Written by Julia Taylor
  • Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun- Written by Maria Dismondy


  • The Crayon Box that Talked- Written by Shane Defolf
  • Freckleface Strawberry- Written by Julianne Moore
  • Ellison the Elephant- Written by Eric Drachman

Grief and Loss:

  • LipLaps Wish- Written by Jonathan London
  • When Dinosaours Die- Written by Laurie Krasny Brown & Marc Brown
  • A Dog Like Jack- Written by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan

Family Issues:

  • Siblings you’re Stuck with Each Other so Stick Together- Written by James J. Crist and Elizabeth Verdick
  • My Life Turned Upside Down but I Turned it Right Side Up- Written by Mary Blitzer Field and Hennie Shore
  • Getting Yourself Together When Your Family Comes Apart- Written by Janet Bender

Stress/ Anxiety:

  • Don’t be Afraid to Drop- Written by Julia Cook
  • What to do When Your Scared and Worried?- Written by James Crist
  • Ish- Written by Peter Reynolds (Perfectionism)
  • Every time I Blow My Top I Lose My Head- Written by Laura Slap-Shelton & Lawrence Shapro

School Issues:

  • How to Do Homework without Throwing up- Written by Trevor Romain
  • Get Organized without Losing it- Written by Janet Fox
  • First Day Jitters- Written by Julie Danneberg
  • Taking (various topics) to School. (Entire Collection) ex- ADHD- Written by Kim Gosselin




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