Arrival and Dismissal at Loomis

Daily Arrival and Dismissal:

Each student is a walker, car rider, or bus rider. The distinction between the three is listed below.


Walkers Arrival

Walkers walk to school.  They may be escorted by a walking adult who drops them off near our black and orange Loomis sign. Parents must keep their children under their direct supervision at all times.


Walker Dismissal

Please have your child memorize your plans for pick up. Walkers can walk directly home or can walk to meet an adult outside of the building either near our black and orange Loomis sign or on the playground by the checkerboard.  Walkers that walk to a waiting ride, the vehicle must be parked off of school property, more than 150 feet away from the entrance and exit out of our main parking lot.  Loomis parents, grandparents, and guardians may not park in the faculty side parking lot. The side lot is reserved for staff and deliveries only. Your child(ren) must be under your supervision the entire time. Please do not stay to play on the front or side lawns.


Car Riders Arrival

Drop off: Please have your child sit in the backseat of the passenger’s side of your car.

As you wait in the car line and approach the stopping point, please unlock your car. Have your child quickly take off their seatbelt and gather their backpack, any projects, or instrument. Water-bottles and lunchboxes should be well sealed and inside the backpack.  Parents dropping off children in car line must remain in the vehicle and the child must exit at curbside only.  Someone will help your child get out of the car if needed. We do our best to unload four cars at a time. 


Car Rider Dismissal

Pick Up: Please have your child memorize your plans for pick up at the end of each day.

Please write your child’s last name and grade on the placard included in the first day of school paperwork inside your child’s homework folder. Each day, at car pick-up, please place it inside your car’s front passenger-side dashboard window so we are able to visibly see it and get your child ready to hop in the car. Car riders are dropped-off / picked up in the front loop car line.  Loomis parents and guardians form a single file car line along the right hand side of our parking lot.  There is a sign as to indicate where to wait so that PM-Kindergarten dismissal can take place prior to Grade 1-5 dismissal.

All drivers must exercise vigilance and patience as the buses are also in the same area. Parents picking up children in car line must remain in the vehicle and the child must enter at curbside only. 

Cars should never enter the center area of the parking lot (between islands).  This is for busses only.  Cars should always take the large loop.  


Bus Riders

Please review the rules for bus safety with your child:

·       Hands and feet to yourself.

·       Very quiet voices.

·       Stay seated at all times.

·       Pay attention so you do not miss your bus stop

·       Do not get off the bus unless you see your adult waiting for you


Bus Rider Morning Arrival: Bus riders disembark at our front walk and walk quietly to their homeroom. 

Bus Rider Dismissal: Please have your child memorize their bus number. After school, bus riders are escorted to their bus by school personnel. 


To View Bus Transportation Information for Grade 1-5 Students:

Click into Infinite Campus ( there are directions in this document to set up your account):

Go to and Search “Infinite Campus”, Click the Green Box OR

Click Parent

Click New User at the very bottom

If you have an activation code, enter it.

If you do not have your activation key, please contact MNSD Campus Support via

email at to obtain one.


Transportation questions should be directed to:

Marple Newtown Transportation

Or 610-359-4299


Change of Dismissal Plans:

Please make sure that your child is aware of the pickup plan for the day. If your dismissal plans change, you must send your child to school with a note of the change. If the plans change and you did not provide a note, you must call the Main Office before 3:00pm. We cannot deviate from the normal departure routine unless we have a note from home or call from a parent or legal guardian indicating a change in plans. In times of uncertainty, we will err on the side of caution. 


Morning Arrival:  

There will be no morning recess at any of the four elementary schools. Students may NOT be dropped off or arrive prior to 8:40am (or 12:25pm for PM-Kinder). There will not be faculty present to watch your child. Your child must remain with an adult until school faculty is outside.

PM-Kindergarten may not arrive before 12:25 p.m.. PM-Kindergarten students and parents must remain in their cars. Please do not play on the lawn while there are classes in session.

Each morning, students K-5 will start their day by quickly unpacking their items, organizing their belongings, and with a Morning Meeting with their teacher and classmates.