General Music & District Choir


Loomis Elementary school general music is taught by Mr. Peters. Students at Loomis engage in a variety of music lessons that help them learn through active music making. Utilizing components of Orff Schulwerk, students at Loomis often learn in ensemble settings on the xylophones.  


As students progress through Loomis there are a variety of special music opportunities and performances throughout the year.

2nd Grade

2nd Grade students learn folk dances throughout the year and are excited to share what they've learned with their families at Folk Dance Day this spring. 

3rd Grade

Third grade students perform an original play/musical each December performing compositions that feature improvisations, movement, and songs. In January students begin learning the recorder and a volunteer group will perform at our Art Show in May.

4th & 5th Grade


All 4th & 5th Grade students participate and perform in choir. Each grade learns choral repertoire throughout the year and perform at our annual Evening of the Arts at Paxon Hollow in May. 

Orff Ensemble

Orff ensemble is a volunteer group that meets weekly during lunch recess. Students in 4th and 5th grade learn advanced percussion pieces as well as additional special pieces such as STOMP inspired creations.

Ukulele Club

Students in 4th and 5th grade are invited to participate in Ukulele Club. Ukulele club meets weekly before school and learns original compositions for Ukulele. The Ukulele club is free to students and is lead by Mr. Ken Peters. 

District Choir

The Marple Newtown Elementary District Choir is a select choir comprised of students from all four elementary schools. Students in 4th and 5th grade are selected following an audition and rehearse on a weekly basis, after school. The choir provides students with an opportunity to learn challenging choral repertoire, expanding the elementary choral experience.

The choir is directed by Loomis Elementary School’s general music teacher Dan Peters, and accompanied by the director of the high school choral department Mr. Chris Vogel. The choir performs multiple times throughout the year.

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